Results | Weekly Events

See below for all of the weekly event results as the season progresses. Click on the specific event below to view the detailed results.


April 10 | Sycamore Course | Individual Points (6/6/6)

  • Taking the first place honors on each of the three six holes were Jason Andrews (+3) on the initial six holes, Mike Zielinski (+3) on the middle six holes and Vito Ortiz (+7) on the final six holes.  Vito Ortiz also set the early bar for Low Gross Score of the season at 71 (Even) on the Sycamore Course.


April 03 | Easter Classic | Pines Course | Individual Points (6/6/6)

  • The winnings for the Easter Classic were spread across many players for the first event on the Pines Course in 2021.  The 1st six hole winner went to Bob Weller at +2.  The 2nd six holes were tied by three players.  Vito Ortiz, Bob Andrews, and Phil O’Bryan were all +1.  On the final six holes, new comer Mike Zielinski finished his round strong with a +6 points total.


March 27 | Opening Event | Sycamore Course | Guess Your Score

  • There were four players that came within one one point of their estimated scores to split first place in the 2021 ECMC opening event.  Tom Dragstrem (79/78), Vito Ortiz (79/78) and Jeff Gill (93/92) were one stroke over their estimate while Gary Walton (81/83) was two stokes better than his estimate. 

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