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See below for all of the weekly event results as the season progresses. Click on the specific event below to view the detailed results.


May 11 | Pines Course | Low Net / High Net

  • The team of Jason Andrews, Jeff Gill, Don Groth and John Gibson overcame tough conditions on the Pines Course to post a winning score of +8.  Second place at +13 went to the team of Vito Ortiz, Greg Greene, Gary Walton and Mike Zunk.  They were able to win the 1st hole tiebreaker over the team of Jerry Zumer, Brian Farley, Bill Parliament and Steve Lovejoy.



May 05 | Sycamore Course | Member/Guest Two Man Team Points

  • The team of Jason Andrews and Don Groth combined for the only positive point score at +9 taking the Member/Guest Event victory.  The team of Bryan Gaddis and Jim Gundy were a distance second at -1 while Justin Northrup and Mike Zunk posted -2 for the third place finish.


April 27 | Pines Course | Odd (One Ball) / Even (Two Ball)

  • The team of Jerry Zumer, Brian Farley, Brad Pressley and Bruce Chosney shoot -17 for the first place victory on the first Pines Course event of the season.  Second place honors go to the team of Kyle Murphy, Tom Dragstrem, Bob Shank, and Jim Gundy at -15.


April 13 | Sycamore Course | One Ball Gross / One Ball Net

  • Jerry Zumer, Curt Wilson, Bill Parliament and Jim Gundy team up and post a score of -9 for the event victory.  Second place went to the team of Kyle Murphy, Brian Farley, Ric Wilson, and Bob Shank with a score of -4.


April 06 | Sycamore Course | Opening Event | Guess Your Score

  • Bruce Chosney was the only player to nail his guessed score on the button.  Bruce guessed 95 and posted a 95 for the Opening Event victory.  Three players were 1 point off of their guessed score to tie for 2nd Place.  Jason Andrews guessed 74 and posted 72 (-1), Jerry Zumer guessed 83 and posted 81 (-1) and Brent Inman guessed 76 and shot 77 (+1).  Fifth place at -1.5 was Don Groth who guessed 93 and shot 90.



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